Two Ghanaians Arrested In Amsterdam For Pounding Fufu

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Two Ghanaians Arrested In Amsterdam For Pounding Fufu

Amsterdam would pass as second Kumasi—with several Ghanaians having made the place their first home because of the high standard of living and countless economic opportunities the capital of Netherlands presents.
Of course with such great opportunities and order come the laws which make the country attractive; and everyone living in Netherlands, even if from the Amazon forest or Tuobodom must abide by the laws of the land.

But Ghanaians love their fufu and light soup and though the Dutch do not really have a problem with Ghanaians eating their local dishes, the cooking/preparation must all be done within the laws of the land.

The people of Netherlands are extensive liberal and that explains why for many years, places like Bijlmer Arena with a huge Ghanaian population, literally and metaphorically constantly filled with the aroma of ‘Prekese’ still has several whites living there.

In spite of the liberal mindset and the immeasurable hospitality of the Dutch, they do not joke with their nuisance laws—the reason why Holland is peaceful, clean and orderly.

For two Ghanaians living at Bijlmer Arena in Amsterdam, the Neat Fufu which almost every Ghanaian abroad have to eat in place of the actual pounded fufu Ghanaians enjoy back home is not enough.

Therefore, during their recent visit to Ghana, they managed to bring fufu Mortar and Pestle via KLM to Amsterdam—and around 10pm last week after they returned from work, they started their fufu pounding in their flat on the 7th floor.

According to police sources, about 15 neighbours who were being disturbed by the heavy pounding kept calling to report the nuisance.

Eventually when the police stormed the apartment, the two had finished pounding their fufu and were settled, ready to eat.

They were arrested for nuisance—a warning was not enough, because these same couple had already been warned 3 times, 2 for playing loud Amakye Dede songs at night—and the other, for unnecessary car beeping when they drive pass their friends.

During the arrest, is told the couple begged the police to allow them to at least finish eating their fufu and Prekese soup, with crabs swimming all over in the soup.

But the police refused because they did not have time to wait around. The two will soon appear before a judge with a short prison sentence and fine hanging around their necks.

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