Ghana Midfielder Afriyie Acquah Divorces Wife Amanda

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Ghana midfielder Afriyie Acquah divorces wife Amanda

Ghana and Torino enforcer Afriyie Acquah has finally divorced incorrigible wife Amanda, after completing all due legal and customary processes, it has been gathered.

Exclusive information gathered by Sunyani-based Suncity Radio reveals that the Torino FC star whose parents are based in the region, have also presented all customary requirements to Amanda’s family and the break up has been approved with Amanda’s Acquah in absentia.

Acquah has also removed all of Amanda’s pictures on his Instagram page and all social media platforms in a public confirmation of the divorce.

Amanda, a 28-year-old socialite has been in the news in recent months for all the wrong reasons, and her marriage with the young football star was doomed from onset, as many predicted.

The cheating wife has been fighting with claims the former Sampdoria midfielder is impotent and has been on medication to get his manhood in working condition.

The loose-tongue ‘town-girl’ labelled her husband in the most uncharitable description, describing him as a ‘monkey’ and a ‘villager’ while eulogizing and salivating over the huge cock of Acquah’s international teammate Jordan Ayew.

Many experienced marriage counselors and individuals alike had questioned Afriyie’s choice of a partner in Amanda, but the Torino Star and the relatively inexperienced youngman chose to ignore the various cautions and plethora of advices offered him as he was seriously drunk in love with Amanda.

The naked reality however started manifesting itself when the rather eccentric Amanda, stirred controversy by releasing an audio with explicit and vulgar language, attacking Mr. Kennedy Agyapong, affectionately called Kenpong, a renowned businessman, who had been dating the controversial socialite and the two have a son.

The most scandalous controversy yet to have hit the couple was when alleged naked pictures of Amanda began circulating on social media last year. This particular incident really hit Afriyie very hard but the Torino star once again stood by his wife.

Amanda is widely perceived as certified a gold-digger, sparking massive confusion in her marriage which is now has now been finally dissolved.

It is unclear what might have engineered the divorce between the player and his eccentric wife but credible information gathered by Suncity radio indicates that Amanda has already packed her belongings from her marital home and has also told close friends her relationship with her husband has indeed ended.

Close associates of Afriyie Aquah have also confirmed that the Torino midfielder is no longer in talking terms with Amanda,and close family sources have revealed that Acquah was bewitched by the sultry lady with several evidences of concoctions and strange materials found in their home.

Even though formal rites are yet to be performed to end the union, sources indicate that Amanda’s father, who is in the United States, will soon return to Ghana to perform the necessary traditional rites to end her daughter’s marriage to Afriyie Aquah.

However sudden this news may be, it is not the least surprising as the signs had always been on the wall. Amanda, in the eyes of many had never been the ideal woman for Afriyie and the experience will be a lesson well learnt by the young talented footballer.

Source - Pee Zee

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