Ghana To Spend 17.5 Billion On Supporters At Afcon 2019 - Nabco Still Have Salary Arrears

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Ghana To Spend 17.5 billion On Supporters At Afcon 2019 - Nabco Still Have Salary Arrears

It's 10 days until afcon 2019 to be held in Pharoah land. The black stars have gone 37 years without winning the trophy but very optimistic to bring the ultimate this year.

The Sports ministry just announced that government is sending 100 supporters to Egypt to support the stars.

“It looks as if we will be able to get 100 supporters to Egypt to support the Black Stars so as it stands, the Ministry intends supporting 100 National supporters Union led by the President” PRO of the ministry of sports Elvis Adjei-Baah told Onua FM.

A little research has shown Government will spend close to 3,500 dollars on each supporter whilst in Egypt.

3500 dollars times 100 is a hooping 350,000 dollars. The dollar rate as of now is 5gh.

350,000 times 5 is 1,750,000 Ghana cedis which is equivalent to 17.5 billion old currency.

The Nations Builders Corps (NABCO) programme came into existence last year November after the numerous hiccups. Graduates are been paid 700gh a month which is not even forthcoming.

People are being owed over 5 months for working which literary helps in developing the nation but are being ignored.

Mind you this is not salaries or incentives for Black stars players but monies to be spent on supporters to cheer the team which does not automatically secure the trophy.

This same supporters who are noted for causing trouble and fighting among themselves are being treated like kings because politics is carrying them along.

100 supporters??? Oh no!! Thats just on the face of it, the actual figure is close to 500 supporters. Do the maths in your various homes and know where to place your priorities.

Meanwhile Coach Kwesi Appiah has named his final 23 man squad with Majid Warris being the biggest casualty.

Source - Prince Serbeh (Pee Zee)

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